Greetings from SPEED TRUST India Fund for Disabled students of 162 are studying in our Aadhi Special School for M.R/C.P/H.I/V.I/ Ortho for Your continued support and contributions have made the SPEED TRUST Funding a vibrant portal that impacts thousands of lives across India. in Tamilnadu, We thank you for joining forces with us. This season of giving, we present to you an amazing opportunity to make a difference for Differently abled Students for Up-Lift in all angles of differently abled students life. And we have gave the training to students who are differently abled for the child with special needs such as Physiotherapy training, Speech Training, Brail method of training, Special Teaching by Special Teachers, Color concept, visual method of practice, and special Training to differently abled students.

Imagine 250,000 children with Differently abled students living in remote rural areas of Tamilnadu, areas that are cut off from urban civilization during monsoons and can be reached only on dirt roads. Imagine these children in schools that are under-resourced, without credible teachers, and with parents who themselves were not educated.

Now, imagine two buses, driving through these dirt roads, bringing projectors, mobile libraries, teaching aids, clean drinking water and science projects to these schools. Imagine the buses taking these children to museums and memorials and planetariums. Imagine the buses bringing experienced educators to train the teachers, speak to the parents and inspire the administrators. This is School on Wheels in rural Tamilnadu India.


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